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    الاجابات النموذجية لامتحان اللغة - الفراقة الثالثة

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    الاجابات النموذجية لامتحان اللغة - الفراقة الثالثة

    مُساهمة  livni في الإثنين يناير 17, 2011 10:25 pm

    Banha University English Make – up Exam
    Faculty of Sciences Second Year
    All Departments Time : 2 Hours

    Model Answer
    Part I : Text Book Questions
    * Complete the following sentences with the correct scientific word:
    1- Hydrology. 2- Ice . 3- Precipitation 4- Pollution.
    5- Evaporation 6- Seed. 7- Current. 8- Battery.
    9- Force. 10- Attract.
    Part II : Grammar and Structure
    Put a (C) if the sentence is correct and an (I) if the sentence is incorrect. Correct the wrong sentence:
    1-I  correction:From 1785 to 1790, the capital of the U.S. was located in New York City.
    2- I  correction:Many American children learned to read million copies of science fiction
    3- I  correction: More than 300 different kinds of nails are manufactured in the U.S.A.
    4- I  correction: The first professional baseball game took place in 1846.
    5- I  correction: Water and petroleum are the only two liquids that occur in large quantities in nature.
    6- I  correction: If the personal computer had not been invented, would the information age have arrived by other means?
    7- I  correction: The benefits to be gained from daily exercise and proper diet are indisputable.
    8- I  correction: Careful consideration of the alternatives led us to a practical solution.
    9- I  correction: Artificial intelligence is the simulation of intelligent human behaviors, such as problem solving, natural language communication and creativity.
    10- I  correction: It is believed that the galaxies of the universe are receding at nearly half the speed of light.

    Part III : Translation
    (A) Translate the following into Arabic :
    ما هى العلوم الطبيعية ؟ يمكن تعريف العلوم الطبيعية على أنها المنهج العقلى لدراسة الكون. ويعد علم الأحياء والكيمياء والأرض والفيزياء أهم فروع العلوم الطبيعية.
    (B) Translate the following into English
    1- Waking makes us feel happiness and content and give us a psychological balance.
    2- A scientific study confirmed that male mosquitoes are able to hear light beats of the female's wings.

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