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    English Language Exam - Answer key



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    English Language Exam - Answer key

    مُساهمة  Zoologist في الأربعاء يناير 12, 2011 10:04 pm

    Banha University First Term (Year 2010-2011)
    Faculty of Science Time: 2 Hours
    English Language Exam Fourth Year

    Answer key

    Answer the Following Questions:
    I. Textbook Questions

    1- (a) It made railroad travel safer
    (b) It allowed businessmen to conduct their operations more profitably.

    2- An atom made up of electrons, protons, and neutrons. Electrons have a negative electric charge, protons have a positive electric charge, and neutrons have no electric charge.

    3- Curare is used as an anesthetic and to relax muscles for surgery. Pyrethroids are chemically manufactured drugs derived from plant compounds to treat livestock. Ladders in firefighting are used to reach high distances in the air. Spider monkey's tail is used as an extra limb to hold on to branches.

    4- There is a renewed interest in using plants to treat livestock rather than manufactured drugs because many people believe that (a) plants are less toxic and safer than manufactured drugs, (b) plants are more natural than manufactured drugs, (c) and medicinal plants can be made at home and are less expensive than manufactured drugs.

    5- Wood borers insects can speed up the drying process and promote better burning.

    B: Answer the following questions:

    1- (a) Quinine 2- (b) parenchyma

    3- (b) carbohydrates 4- (d) roundheaded borers

    5- (d) Richard Owen 6- (c) avalanche

    C: Give the meaning of these words in English:
    Forestry is the art and science of managed and using forests and their associated resources to produce various products such as timber for human benefits.

    Radiology is a medical discipline that focuses on using radiation and other radioactive substances to diagnose and treat various diseases.

    Astronomy is the scientific study of celestial bodies such as stars, comets, planets and galaxies and phenomena that originate outside the earth's atmosphere such as the cosmic radiation.

    Physics is a branch of science that is concerned with the study of properties and interactions of time, space, energy and matter.
    Biology is the scientific study of life. It involves the study of structure, origin, growth, evolution, function and distribution of living things.

    D: Decide whether these statements are true or false (Correct the wrong ones):

    1- False (The spider monkey is unusual in that it has only four fingers and no thumb).
    2- False (The Wesrterlies that blow in the western hemisphere causes water currents to move clockwise).
    3- True
    4- False (Curare is used as an anesthetic and to relax muscles for surgery).
    5- False (Noble gases are elements that display no interest in either acquiring or losing an electron).

    II. Grammar and Structure
    A: Do as shown in brackets

    1- Having finished his composition he revised it.

    2- (a) You have found the key.
    (b) The key have been found.
    (c) Have the key been found?
    (d) Where have the key been found?

    3- Last week, Salem bought a beautiful large round wooden table.
    4- I would prefer go to the cinema rather than watch videos at home.
    5- London is the capital of England.

    B: Choose the correct answer:

    1- was able to 2- isn't there 3- could 4- a few 5- hence

    III. Translation
    A: Translate into English:

    1- Touring especially walking/ hiking regularly makes you feel happy, content, and psychologically balanced. It is also a wonderful way that helps you keep fit.

    2- Some people think that the uses of metal detector is limited to/ restricted to specialists and amateurs who want to minerals buried under ground. But in fact, this device/ machine has many practical applications. For example, it can be used in search/ inspection by security men when they enter the places that require a high degree of safety and security such as airports and tourist places/ sites.
    3- Solar and lunar eclipses are two astronomical phenomena that happen/ take place according to the laws of celestial astronomical movements and the relative sites of the three main celestial bodies: the sun, the moon, and the earth. The lunar eclipse happens when the moon disappears totally or partially by falling the shadow of the earth on it and the total disappearance of the moon is called total lunar eclipse.

    with my best wishes ,
    ZUCJ Kholoud

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